IronYun CityEyesTM Appliance Benefits


Simple & Easy to configure

Private Cloud based on industry standard VMWare cloud software. Big Data with IronYun “Multi-tier Storage” solution. Industry largest library of “Intelligent Video Analytics” engines (over 30+ by 3Q, 2016)


High Performance “Edge/Core Architecture”

“Intelligence” at the Edge and “Analysis” at the core. Reduce bandwidth requirement using “Edge/Core Architecture”. Fast, “Real-Time” performance with “Edge/Core Architecture”.


Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Private Cloud to reduce hardware server cost – Virtualize hardware cpu. Multi-tier Storage solutions to lower video storage cost. Reduced Internet bandwidth for monthly bandwidth savings.


IronYun is the next generation cloud computing and big data video search software company. We provide enterprise customers with Hyper-converged, All-in-one, private cloud computing and big data video software products. IronYun developed the industry’s first Hyper-converged, Private Cloud, multi-tier storage and Big data video analytics system in an All-In-One software solution.

  • Our products and its technologies are the results of over 300 man years of R&D effort.
  • The company’s flagship product CityEyes™ is an on-premise, vertically integrated SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) software product
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Connecting Video Monitoring to
Hybrid Cloud to Apps

CityEyes comes with a private cloud, big data open architecture PaaS platform that will have integrated over 30 video analytics engines.

Our Customers

John Oliver Tiong

Managing Director, CENTIGRADE

The partner training program was really beneficial to my sales and support team. The product features are leading edge great products and customer support team.

Quang Le Minh

Managing Director, PRACTECH Company Ltd

“IronYun’s private cloud solutions and the awesome big data video search innovative technology is helping us win more business.”


June Su

Director, TT Innovation and Technology Pte Ltd

“Thank you for the kind hospitality and the well thought-out training program. I have benefited from the training greatly.”

Hoot Gibson

President, Aerial-ROW

“I have been in the geospatial multimedia industry for over 15 years and the Ironyun solutions to Cloud-based video data storage is way ahead of any other systems I am aware of today.”

Scott Campbell

President, Strider Security

“There is nothing like this going on the planet right now”.

Kevin Hoon Cheong

CEO, Quantum Solutions

“By adopting CityEyes, the system allows us to do what we couldn’t before with other solutions. More importantly, the IronYun solutions performs better. The product is features rich and it is exciting for us to partner with IronYun. “

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Deploying CCTV and IP Cameras is a crucial activity in the security-conscious banking arena,” begins Paul Sun, CEO of IronYun. The network of cameras for surveillance has led to the drastic explosion of video data and as a result, security teams are struggling to find the necessary software video analytics tools that can effectively process and generate business intelligence. In such scenario, San Jose, CA based IronYun emerges as a silver bullet and alleviates the problem of handling massive increase in the volume of video data through its cloud native solution for video search and mining. “We amalgamate the power…
IronYun is excited to announce that we are the winner of 2016 ICT Month Innovative Elite Golden Award. With next generation video search solution, IronYun CityEyes, a cloud based big data video solution, grabbed the attention of the jury and have been evaluated by jury to win the top 20 innovations of 100 award products from all summited products in 10 categories. IronYun CityEyes Appliance is the industry’s first cloud based enterprise video surveillance software based appliance that is optimized for cloud computing and big data video surveillance applications. It redefines availability and simplifies the CCTV infrastructure. The simple-to-configure, simple-to-deploy…
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