Government is the centralization of a city, a state, and a country. The place gathering the authority should have a concern about the safety of all government officials. In the United State, everyone can carry guns with them. Security cameras are a helpful tool for detecting possible concerns and providing intelligence to security teams working on-site.

IronYun appliance solution helps streamline operations and make your City, Business or Organization operate more securely, 365 days a year.


Government Video Surveillance Needs

  • Recognizing Potential Threats-Suspicious activity is flagged and an alert is sent to appropriate personnel. This can help avert dangerous situations by getting first-responders on-site faster.
  • Video Archive – Extensive storage allows security personnel to access the video files for review later. This is helpful for law enforcement agencies to determine suspects in crimes.

Advantages of Video Surveillance in Government

  • Security video surveillance systems help protect faculty and government officials against crimes by recording events and on-site activity. Suspicious activity is flagged for security teams to investigate.
  • Video surveillance system with gun/weapon detection can help avoid gun attack and other terrorist attacks.
  • The restricted area of the government could be controlled and protected by a surveillance camera with the intrusion detection and face recognition system. Once a stranger accesses to the restricted area, the person will be detected and an alert will be triggered.
Benefits of Using IronYun Solutions
  • Trained, Not Programmed. AI NVR deep learning video analytics is not based on computer programming. Instead, it is trained based on Artificial Intelligence neural networks, significantly reducing time and cost.
  • The AI object detection engine is based on natural language input description of people, faces, cars, buses, motorbike, colors, time, and many other types of objects. The list of identifiable objects is continuously added as the deep learning engine is trained over time.
  • Easy to use, Google-like search syntax and intuitive result display. User-friendly interface with UI pulldown, selection to search.
  • Ability to have instant playback video on a detected object by integrating NVR or VMS playback function.
  • Exploitation of High Performance GPU (Graphics Processor Unit).
  • Utilizes existing NVR/VMS. The AI NVR downloads files from the DVR/NVR and performs AI-based object detection and recognition from multiple NVR.
  • Support existing cameras. Works with any standard based ONVIF and IP cameras.
  • Significantly increase productivity and time savings compared to use of manual inspection and visual identification.