Azion Seminar
Azion Seminar: When AI meets Big Data, what’s the Business Opportunities?

Azion Corporation, one of the leading ICT integration company in Taiwan, organizes a seminar and invites several experts to gather together and share their precious ideas and success story in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data application. IronYun is honored to be invited to this big event. Azion Seminar: “When AI meets Big Data, what’s the Business Opportunities?“, will take place on September 20th, beginning at 1 pm at NTUT, Taipei. In the IronYun’s session from 16:05 to 16:30, the CEO, Paul Sun, will introduce how video surveillance industry can benefit greatly from deep learning technology. The attendees are expected to gain the basic understanding of the following subjects:

  • Current state of machine learning technology
  • Deep Learning basics
  • Examples of deep learning applications in security solutions
  • Future directions of deep learning for security industry