Private Cloud & Big Data Video Management Platform

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Our CityEyes appliance is a private – or hybrid – cloud video surveillance system that offers users an “All-in-One” next generation Cloud computing and Big Data solution. CityEyes consolidates hardware and software components that are needed to build a secure private surveillance infrastructure. CityEyes Appliances and Cloud Video Recorders operate securely in company data centers, third-party data centers, or security command centers for their Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) needs. Our VSaaS model offers the highest level of security but is still easy to manage while offering a lower cost basis than most traditional security systems. CityEyes uses efficient, full virtualization IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and preconfigured cloud software modules to deploy your security system quickly and efficiently!

All-in-One Appliance

IronYun CityEyes all-in-one-appliance

IronYun CityEyes Appliance is the industry’s first cloud-based enterprise video surveillance appliance that is optimized for cloud computing and big data video surveillance applications. It redefines availability and simplifies the CCTV infrastructure. The simple-to-configure, simple-to-deploy All-in-One cloud-based hardware and software architecture is the ideal platform for future proofing your video surveillance infrastructure.

Video Operating System

IronYun video operating system

The IronYun VOS private cloud virtualization platform empowers users to virtualize any application with confidence. The PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) framework is an open platform with APIs for easy, fast and flexible extensions to third parties products. This can drive down data center cost, increase system and application uptime, and drastically simplify the way applications or analytic engines run in the cloud.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
IronYun CityEyes Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Cloud Virtual Servers: Efficiency – Save cost on a number of physical servers.
  • Intelligent Video Filters: Internet bandwidth savings – Transmit only video Meta data.
  • Multi-tier Storage Architecture: Lowest Total Cost compared to legacy DVR/NVR HDD or NAS, SAN based storage systems.
  • Virtual Intelligent Video Analytics: Sharing of expensive intelligent video analytics engines.
  • Cloud Analytic Center (CAC) : The Cloud Analytic Center (CAC) extends the capabilities and video analytics offered by the CityEyes System. It seamlessly pools multiple analytics engines used by the PaaS framework and provides end users with advanced video search and video mining features. This capability helps modernize legacy systems that rely on dedicated servers, saving hardware and software resources across the board.
  • Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) : Unlike traditional and costly DVRs and NVRs, our Cloud Video Recorder is a multi-tier, high-reliability Cloud device that is designed to record and store analog and digital ONVIF IP cameras videos for long-term storage. CityEyes CVR can be configured to accommodate up to twelve 6TB enterprise grade hard drives or a total of 72TB storage capacity. In applications where more storage is required, the system can be extended by connecting the CVR to external JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) disk storage system. This type of expansion can increase the storage capacity to an amazing number of 360 hard drives or 2.1PB of raw capacity!
  • CityEyes Appliance comes in two series : CityEyes System is available in two distinct offerings. The CEA-100 Series is recommended for small medium enterprises. The CEA-100 supports up to 128 IP cameras with two (2) CVRs. The CEA-500 Series is recommended for Clients who have larger areas to monitor or the need for over 256 IP cameras. The CEA-500 supports up to 1,000 IP cameras with four (4) CVRs. For very large deployments, multiple CACs can be configured to work as a cluster to manage up to 50,000 or more cameras!
  • Optimized Performance in Virtual Machine: Supports powerful cloud computing virtual machines for sharing of hardware resources between software video analytics engines. Thus lowering the cost of deploying intelligent video analytics (IVA) engines.
  • No need for NVR: Connect IP cameras directly to Ethernet network switches. Save infrastructure cost and maintenance cost. Video storage will be provided by CVR appliances.
  • Multi-tier Cloud Storage Architecture: Support for multiple levels of high-performance video storage architecture. The first tier storage system includes highly reliable enterprise-grade RAID (0, 1, 5, 6) storage systems protection of sensitive video files. For large capacity and longer term video storage needs, CEA can be expanded to include second tier tape storage architecture consisting of Petabytes of long-term video storage.
  • Big Data IVA enabled: Supports growing lists of intelligent and sophisticated IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) engines. All IVA can be run on the CAC appliances to save software licensing cost and ease of management.
  • Proven IVA application support: Supported IVA engines including LPR/ANPR, face detection, face recognition, virtual fence, object and people counting, video summarization, camera health monitoring, vehicle route & path analysis and many others. IronYun has assembled a large and growing list of IVA engines and patents for our customers demanding needs.
  • Centrally managed VMS/CMS: Running VMS in the CAC enabled private cloud provides users with the maximum flexibility and efficiency. The CAC VMS software enables the efficient administration of very large scale video camera networks. The CAC VMS can manage distributed and multiple site video networks.
  • Data redundancy and backup: CVR appliance is built with enterprise-grade RAID 0,1, 5, 6 for maximum hard disk drive failure protection. The CVR can be configured for data redundancy, mirroring, remote backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Stackable and Scalability: IronYun CityEyes appliances is built with scalability in mind. Start small with the basic 100 series for less than 64 cameras and grow with your service to support tens of thousands of cameras with the 500 series.
  • Application Performance Management: IronYun CityEyes appliance comes with powerful and easy-to-use APM management software. APM will monitor the appliance and hardware performance and availability. Automated alerting and logging reports features are a must for administrators to maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA).