Multi-Tier High Performance Storage System

IronSafe Multi-tier storage architecture

IronYun developed a breakthrough multi-tier storage system for the ever increasing storage capacity needs of video surveillance industry professionals. The cost saving using tape storage systems have been measured at 30 to 40 percent.

  • Provides multi-tier storage for high resolution video from megapixel HD cameras.
  • Scales easily to have over 90 or 180 days long-term storage capacity for retrieved video from NVR/DVR.
  • Priced affordably for multi-tier storage arrays and high compatibility with HDD from high-end to cost-effective solution.
  • The design of a virtualized, private cloud-based multi-tiered storage system starts with the applications. It is the business needs and applications that drive the storage requirements, which in turn guide tier configuration. Most applications can benefit from a mix of storage service levels, using high performance where it is important and less expensive storage where it is not.
  • But operationally it is not efficient to configure unique tiers for each application. Individually configuring a unique scheme for each application leads to extra work, cost and provisioning delays. Instead, the recommended practice is to develop a catalog of tiers with pre-defined characteristics and then allocate storage to applications as needed from the catalog.
  • IronSafe™ provides to our customers’ temporary use of online downloadable computing software for storing data and storage services for archiving databases, images and other electronic data.
  • Optimized Performance in Virtual Machine: Supports powerful cloud computing virtual machines for sharing of hardware resources between software video analytics engines. Thus lowering the cost of deploying intelligent video analytics (IVA) engines.
  • No need for NVR: Connect IP cameras directly to Ethernet network switches. Save infrastructure cost and maintenance cost. Video storage will be provided by CVR appliances.
  • Multi-tier Cloud Storage Architecture: Support for multiple levels of high-performance video storage architecture. First tier storage system includes highly reliable enterprise-grade RAID (0, 1, 5, 6) storage systems protection of sensitive video files. For large capacity and longer term video storage needs, CEA can be expanded to include second tier tape storage architecture consisting of Petabytes of long-term video storage.
  • Big Data IVA enabled: Supports growing lists of intelligent and sophisticated IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) engines. All IVA can be run on the CAC appliances to save software licensing cost and ease of management.
  • Proven IVA application support: Supported IVA engines including LPR/ANPR, face detection, face recognition, virtual fence, object and people counting, video summarization, camera health monitoring, vehicle route & path analysis and many others. IronYun has assembled a large and growing list of IVA engines and patents for our customers demanding needs.
  • Centrally managed VMS/CMS: Running VMS in the CAC enabled private cloud provides users with the maximum flexibility and efficiency. The CAC VMS software enables the efficient administration of very large scale video camera networks. The CAC VMS can manage distributed and multiple site video networks.
  • Data redundancy and backup: CVR appliance is built with enterprise-grade RAID 0,1, 5, 6 for maximum hard disk drive failure protection. The CVR can be configured for data redundancy, mirroring, remote backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Stackable and Scalability: IronYun CityEyes™ appliances is built with scalability in mind. Start small with the basic 100 series for less than 64 cameras and grow with your service to support tens of thousands of cameras with the 500 series.
  • Application Performance Management: IronYun CityEyes™ appliance comes with powerful and easy-to-use APM management software. APM will monitor the appliance and hardware performance and availability. Automated alerting and logging reports features are a must for administrators to maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA).