Industry's First Artificial Intelligence Video Search

IronYun CAC-AI appliance is the industry’s first deep learning based video search appliance built for the video surveillance industry. The CAC-AI has built-in artificial intelligence software and hardware video search capability for fast, efficient search of video objects stored in NVR or DVR storage devices. The CAC-AI appliance is a breakthrough solution to the video surveillance industry’s chronic pain of searching for objects of interest from hours of video big data. Locating the needle in the haystack of Terabytes of video data has never been easier with IronYun search engine.

Intuitive and Natural Language Interface

The AI NVR search engine interface is intuitive and based on easy-to-use natural language interface. Search engine keywords include many types of vehicles (cars, buses, motorbikes, bicycles), people, faces, color, animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and number of objects (e.g. video scenes with 4 cars)

Simple Configuration and Management

The CAC-AI is intended to be used with existing NVRs or IP cameras. The CAC-AI can perform AI based object detection and recognition directly from IP camera RTSP streams. The CAC-AI can also download the video files from the NVR and performs AI based object detection and recognition. The extracted image meta data will be stored in the CAC-AI for fast retrieval and viewing.

Artificial Intelligence CAC-AI Architecture

The CAC-AI will analyze live real-time video streams or stored video files to detect and recognize objects, animals or people.

  • Save Time:
    Save user time to quickly identify objects of interest. Instead of hours spent reviewing video, IronYun video search is high performance, most searches are completed in seconds.
  • Save Storage Cost:
    For long term (> 30 days) video files, save only the meta data. Can achieve 100 to 1 reduction in long term storage costs.
  • Simple and Easy to Use:
    Plug & Play with existing IP based NVR or Storage Servers. Standard RTSP stream input.
  • IronYun AI Appliance CAC-AI is the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence video search and video mining solution for enterprise applications.
  • Our deep learning video analytics is not based on computer programming. Instead, it is trained based on Artificial Intelligence neural networks, reducing significant time and cost.
  • The AI object detection engine is based on natural language input description of people, faces, cars, buses, motorbikes, colors and time and many other types of objects. The list of identifiable objects are continuously added as the deep learning engine is trained over time.
  • High Performance GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) with thousands of GPU core for high speed video search and video mining.
  • Significantly increase the productivity and time savings compared to manually inspecting and visually identifying an object of interest.
  • Seamlessly interfaces to QNAP and other vendor’s NVRs.

CAC-AI Appliance comes in two series: The System is available in two distinct offerings. The CAC-AI-110 Series is recommended for small to medium sized enterprises. The CAC-AI-110 supports up to 12 IP cameras. The CAC-AI-510 Series is recommended for Clients who have larger areas to monitor or the need for over 64 IP cameras.

AI NVR was launched in cooperation with our customer, ROD, at Security Show in Tokyo, Japan.

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