IronYun at ISC East 2019 in New York!

Encompassing everything from Video Surveillance and Access Control to Smart Home Technologies, IoT and Unmanned Security, the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC East) is the Northeast’s largest security trade show. 7,000 security and public safety professionals convene in New York each year to meet experts from over 300 leading security brands. The combination of one-on-one conversations with the industry’s top innovators, special events, and cutting-edge education makes ISC East the security industry’s most comprehensive East Coast event. (ISC East)

Come visit us at booth 1050, seeing our latest, competitive AI NVR with the incredible live tracking, video wall, higher-accuracy LPR, and weapon detection model! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Date: November 20-21, 2019
Location: Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001

IronYun at Sectech Sweden 2019!!

SECTECH is the meeting point for suppliers, installers, consultants and end-user purchasing managers within the field of security. Exhibitors and visitors can interact and get updated on the latest developments. (Sectech)

IronYun will participate in Sectech Sweden with our partner Aicuda this year! We will showcase our latest AI solution with the incredible live tracking function and high-accuracy of weapon detection! Come visit us at booth 05:87 to learn more about our competitive AI NVR!

Date: November 19-20, 2019
Location: at Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm

「AI and Big Data Decide the Route, Make the Future!」Azion Conference 2019 in Taipei!

In the following month, Azion is holding an AI Big Data conference! It will be discussing the usage of big data, combining with artificial intelligence and cloud computing to enhance the integration and innovation of the cross-domain and also provide digital service in life and work environment.

Dr. Patrick Wu from IronYun will be giving a speech, talking about the solutions of AI video Analytics and the successful use cases!

Date: October 3, 2019
Location:  GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center 2nd floor

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We are looking forward to seeing you!

AI NVR at Green Building Congress 2019 in India!

The construction industry in India is one of the largest economic activities. As the sector is growing rapidly, preserving the environment poses many challenges and at the same time presents wonderful opportunities for various stakeholders. In this regard, green buildings which are designed to use less water, improve energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and provide healthier spaces will play a catalytic role in addressing environmental issues and concerns.  (GBC)

This time, IronYun AI NVR presents as part of the energy conservation system. Our partner, Chakra, will participate in this show, displaying not only the new AI NVR with its incredible live view (video wall) and map tracking functions but also showing how AI security committed in green building system!!

Come meet us at “CDRI” area! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Date: September 25-28, 2019

Nvidia Smart City Forum in New Taipei City!

AI artificial intelligence has been widely used in different industries in recent years, especially in the application of smart city. Catching live stream from the city cameras and implementing AI Video Analysis, the new technologies enhance the security of people and the city.

The forum is held by Nvidia on September 26. Our vice president of engineering, Dr. Patrick Wu, will be giving a speech about our latest AI NVR with the competitive AI Video Analytics solutions!

Location: Startup Terrace A3
Address: A3, No. 502, Section 2, Ren’ai Road, Linkou District, New Taipei City, 244 (Google Map)

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We are looking forward to seeing you!


Dubai Police Security Cameras Exhibition!

Dubai Police General Headquarters is holding a Security Cameras Exhibition which will highlight the most prominent security camera technologies.

Our partner, Agility Grid, will take parts in this event, showcasing the latest AI NVR with its competitive Map View and Object Tracking functions! which will definitely enhance the efficiency of law enforcement and well assist the police department in handling cases.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Date: September 15-19, 2019
Location: Dubai Police Officers’ Club in Al Jadaf area, Dubai.

How AI NVR Can Prevent Mass Shootings:

Tragedy struck West Texas early Sunday afternoon when a disturbed shooter left seven dead and 22 wounded after firing freely down several streets in Odessa (CNN). Regardless of one’s political views on gun possession in the U.S, all are in agreement that these mass shootings must come to an end. We, collectively as a population, have suffered enough from these dreadful acts of violence, as yet another town falls victim to catastrophe. Not only do the mass quantities of these shootings signify both gun violence and mental health problems, but they also show a larger problem at hand, which is the lack of gun detecting security systems in the United States of America. While gun violence may never fully cease to exist, there are ways to drastically reduce the damage of these devastating instances.

AI NVR’s Weapon Detection engine is the solution to this gun violence predicament that our country is currently facing. This model of the immensely accurate system can detect and alert authorities of any handguns and/or rifles in real-time for immediate action. By utilizing multiple cameras across several different locations, this model can efficiently track any weapons within the field of view, and tracking guns concurrently tracks the potential active shooters, which warns authorities prior to an eventual calamity.

Additionally, AI NVR’s Face Recognition can identify dangerous individuals with criminal background or in publicly available wanted lists. In any event similar to the one in question, this highly accurate face recognition software could have potentially helped, for the now deceased shooter had a criminal record. This function detects, matches the face to one previously uploaded into the database, and sends an alert in real time to the security authorities, all within 3 seconds. If the gunman moves across many locations, such as different school campuses or stores, the Map View and Face Recognition functions will allow one to track his movement across all cameras that spotted him and predict his next target location.

Gun violence is one of the most important issues in need of fixing in America today and for good reason. Artificial-Intelligence-powered security software with Deep Learning is beneficial for its highly accurate results and tremendously fast real-time alerts, unrivaled by manpowered or other comparatively primitive security systems. AI NVR is not only today’s answer to gun violence, but the future of gun security.

IronYun AI Won Best in Video Surveillance Data Storage!

ISC West New Product Showcase 2019

ProActive AI powered by IronYun was selected as the winner of New Product Showcase at ISC West 2019 in Best Video Surveillance Storage Solution!

IronYun teamed up with our partner Proactive this year at ISC West security show to display our new products and developments, designed with the most complete accessibility for end users in mind. We thank you for your support and look forward to new collaborations with you!

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How AI NVR Can Identify Potentially Dangerous Objects in Train Stations

On August 16, 2019, two rice cookers were reported as suspicious objects in a subway station in Lower Manhattan and near a garbage can in Chelsea, New York City (NY Post). All were eventually deemed safe and non-explosive, but surely caused an unnerving sense of panic for the NY police, street pedestrians, and subway passengers. Witnesses, such as the ones who reported the suspicious activity, are encouraged to continue to relay such information to prevent catastrophes. With that said, for maximal public safety without delays and inconveniences, what can be done to make the investigations even more efficient?

First, AI NVR’s Face Recognition can identify a dangerous criminal/terrorist in publicly available wanted lists. By simply uploading images of suspicious individuals to the database, AI NVR will then alert the security authorities if that person appears on premise. In this scenario, if a suspicious individual indeed left a potentially dangerous object at the subway station, he or she could have potentially been identified in real time to prevent the anticipated disaster. Face Recognition can also be used after the fact. For instance, after the person who placed the rice cooker in that location left the scene, the police can upload their image, search for any sightings on other cameras to track and determine whether they proceed to act in a suspicious manner. One may even track a suspect back to his or her car, the vehicle can then be identified on cameras based on its color and possibly license plate number. The vehicle itself can then be tracked across all traffic intersections in the city using the AI License Plate Recognition function.

Video Search is another of several tools in AI NVR to help speed up the investigation in situations like these. This feature allows people to search for and be alerted of objects of interest, such as a backpack, handbag or suitcase in which the cooker (or weapon) was transported. Without manually viewing hours of videos, the security staff can easily search for the object dropped off at that camera, identify when and by whom it was dropped off, and track the person using such criteria as “person wearing blue with a black backpack” across all cameras within, say, a 10-mile radius. This whole process can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes if not seconds with AI NVR.

While there is no way to fully eradicate false alarms and/or false claims, AI NVR allows for a drastic reduction and a much easier way of finding a suspect. AI NVR pin-points faces, plates, objects, vehicles, etc. so that you don’t have to. The time and energy saved, as well as the overall efficiency of AI NVR may be lifesaving in comparison to the manual labor and time that it would take to find the suspect of a particular scene without the technology.