AI Edge Analytics

World’s Smallest and Smartest AI NVR

IronYun AI Edge Analytics module is a compact-size device with multiple deep-learning-based video analytics functions for smart processing at the edge. Applications include fixed surveillance camera deployment, body-worn cameras, vehicles, drones/UAVs and robotics.

The AI Edge Analytics module, powered by IronYun analytics software, Nvidia Jetson GPUs, and suitable hardware, is designed for plug-and-play in existing CCTV networks, both indoors and outdoors.

IronYun AI Edge Analytics

Benefits of Edge Device


Add Value to Existing Camera

Turns normal camera into smart, AI-enabled cameras with multiple deep-learning-based video analytics functions


Easy to Integrate

Support all ONVIF-compliant IP cameras and enable plug-and-play in existing CCTV networks


High Efficiency

10 minutes to install the AI Edge device into the existing network for immediate AI video search. High performance for years.

Features & Applications

With the capability to process data both in real time and on demand, AI Edge Analytics solution increases mobility and time-to-action for situation awareness. Security staff and business operators can use AI Edge Analytics to search for people, object and vehicle in large venues (school campus, airports, train stations, shopping centers, etc.) and receive alerts of intrusion to restricted-access areas or of abnormal behaviors (crowding, loitering, etc.). Within only a few seconds, all searches are completed, and alerts are sent to mobile device, so that one can quickly assess and react to any event, maximizing the protection of the area.

IronYun AI Edge Analytics
  • Search for evidence of theft/vandalism
  • Search for vehicle based on type (bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, truck) and make/model
  • Search for backpack, suitcase, handbag
  • Search for missing dog or cat
  • Fire Detection: Automatic and nearly instantaneous alert to minimize property loss and save lives
  • Weapon Detectiona: Prevent active shooting on school campus
  • Detect unsolicited access to restricted areas or after work hours
  • Detect loitering to prevent theft/vandalism
  • Detect traffic violations, e.g., people biking on sidewalks or cars stopping in bus lanes
  • Provide access control for employees/visitors to facilities
  • Search for missing child in a shopping mall
  • Trace a person of interest based on the time stamps and camera names in search results
  • Provide access control for authorized/visitor vehicles to parking lots
  • Search for a vehicle of interests across multiple street intersections
  • Real-time alerts for person slip-and-fall incidents in stores, hospitals, unattended areas
  • Protect against theft, vandalism, unsolicited access
  • Assist traffic control