AI NVR Mobile App

AI Video Search & Security On the Go


Select what you want to monitor with ease

Search Object

Add the specific criteria for searching

Detect Face

Detect face across multiple cameras with age and gender

Detect Object

Detect a specific object in second across multiple cameras

Recognize Face

Match the detected face with the face database

Detect Intrusion

Catch intruders on camera in real time


Get a real-time alert when the target object was detected

With AI NVR Mobile App, you can now use your phone to remotely monitor video streams and receive alerts in time for any unwanted event.

AI NVR Mobile App is designed for your convenience and peace of mind, to be used in conjunction with IronYun AI NVR appliance and your camera systems for all functions, including Video SearchIntrusion Detection, Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, AI Counting, and other sub-functions.

Select camera(s) for live view
IronYun Mobile App_AI Video Analytics
Select date and time period of interest
IronYun Mobile App_AI Video Analytics
Select type and number of objects
IronYun Mobile App_AI Video Analytics
Select color(s) of object
IronYun Mobile App_AI Video Analytics


Account: IYdemo
Password: demo168