AI Counting

Quickly and accurately tracks and determines the number of people/cars in the camera’s field of view

Work with many video management platform and all IP cameras

Real-time alert:
Detect and trigger alert for person/vehicle moving in the wrong direction, a person falling/crouching

Maintain high performance from SMB-scale systems up to tens of thousands of cameras

IronYun’s AI People & Vehicle Tracking (PVT) solution, also named AI Counting, provides the data of people entering/exiting an area, vehicles approaching/moving away in real time, and statistics for business intelligence (peak hours, traffic flow, number of occupants per unit time, etc.)

AI Counting can be used in many types of public access areas, such as transportation hubs, airports, theme parks, national landmarks, entertainment venues, retail shops, tourist attractions, banking, and corporate facilities. Able to process real-time, the AI Counting solution is valuable in service management analysis and forecasting for both security and business intelligence purposes.

IronYun AI Video Analytics_People Counting
IronYun AI Video Analytics_Vehicle Counting

Benefits of AI Counting

  • Measure the number of customers, visitors or passengers to analyze and understand business traffic patterns, including peak hours, traffic flow, and occupancy per unit time
  • Monitor traffic in each direction for various vehicle types and set alert for traffic in the wrong direction
  • Compatible with all standard ONVIF IP-based cameras––eliminate the need for high-cost 3D cameras
  • Simplify deployment: no requirement for cameras exactly at the entrances thereby decreasing the number of cameras; easy setup and configuration that can be remotely accessed and modified as needed without physically changing the equipment
  • Analyze and share statistics or reports to optimize business operations