AI Face Recognition

Save Time:
Identify people across multiple cameras in < 2 seconds to enable fast response time

Work with many video management platform and all IP cameras

Real-time alert:
Match the detected face with the black/white list and send notification in real time

Maintain high performance from SMB-scale systems up to tens of thousands of cameras

To detect a specific person, the AI Face Recognition function can detect and recognize faces in a white- or black-listed person-of-interest database. The unlimited number of lists increases the flexibility for businesses to manage access control and customer experience.

AI NVR Face Recognition continuously detect and recognize faces of enrolled subjects from IP video surveillance cameras, at a distance, on the move, and without requiring any collaboration from the subjects to be identified. Our solution relieves human operators from continuous monitoring without compromising the security.

IronYun AI Video Analytics_Face Recognition

Major Advantages to Users

High performance:
• Identify people across multiple cameras in < 2 seconds to enable fast response time.
• Accuracy > 85% for large database and stable performance.

Cost Saving:
• No need to purchase expensive FR-built-in cameras.
• Multiple cameras can share the FR software running on the platform to save license costs.
• Intelligent video filter developed to filter out images without human faces from source video. Only images with human faces are fed to the FR engine to maximize efficiency.

Flexibility & Easy Maintenance:
• FR engines can be upgraded on the server side for ease of maintenance and software upgrade.
• AI NVR FR engine is easy to integrate to all IP cameras and most NVRs and VMSs of the user. The setup can be done in one hour.
• Unified user interface, learn once and apply to different face recognition engines

AI-Based Face Search

AI NVR Face Search is a sub-function of AI Face Recognition. It enables the rapid search of a person in a video footage based on an input face image or the real-time streaming of the person’s face.

IronYun’s AI Face Search avoids privacy concerns by not storing any faces in the search database, in other words, there is no list of pre-stored faces to compare. The face search algorithm compares the targeted face against all faces in the recorded videos and not against a known face database to safeguard personal identities.