AI Statistics – Heatmap

Save Time:

Quickly locate and track areas of high-interest and their fluctuations over time

Work with many video management platforms and all IP cameras

Generate heatmaps on-demand and select object types to specify search criteria

Maintain high performance from SMB-scale systems up to tens of thousands of cameras

IronYun is different from traditional systems that show only pre-generated heatmaps. Our AI Heatmap generates heatmaps on-demand with the ability to select object types. So it can track how a taxi, dog, and person moves over time as well as how much traffic an area receives in a day. Select different aggregates of time to view such as the hourly default shown below.

Retail Uses

  • Discover which shelves of a store receive the most interaction to figure out popular products and locations of high-traffic
  • Check if visitors are lingering in a certain section in order to offer assistance, answer questions, and prevent theft
  • View aggregates of heatmaps over time to learn an area’s peak hours
  • Track an employee’s productivity in an office and where they spend the most time
  • Learn which locations and stores in a shopping mall receive the most traffic
  • Detect and alert of movement from people visiting at night
  • Verify if new sale signs about store deals are effective in garnering more attention

Other Traffic Management

  • Discover which locations have the highest traffic in a smart city
    • Learn which sightseeing and tourism spots are popular
    • View aggregates of heatmaps over time to learn what the peak hours are for different pedestrian streets
    • Manage popular parking spots and busy road traffic based on their usage
    • Check nighttime activity and alert about movement from animals, people, and vehicles
    • Track ridership and passenger habits of certain trains, buses, and other public transportation
  • Verify the viability of advertisement spots in order to create suitable rates based on evidence of past traffic ➜ can be used in conjunction with People Counting
    • Learn which spots, and at what times, have the highest engagement with passerby