AI Intrusion Detection

No more false alarms:
Distinguish objects by types, e.g., humans versus animals, cars, shadows

Work with all IP cameras and many video management platforms, can integrate with sensor and other perimeter protection systems

Maintain high performance from SMB-scale systems up to tens of thousands of cameras

Real-time alerts:
Customize virtual fence setups, detect objects, and send notifications in real time, giving you maximum time to respond to events

AI Intrusion Detection enables you to specify regions of interest in the video frame, where you can receive alerts in case of unwanted activities or simply study the activity patterns for better efficiency in your business.

False alarms are no longer a problem with the smart object recognition in IronYun AI Intrusion Detection.

3D Smart Detection in Multiple Zones per Frame

Secured, On-Premise Private Cloud Architecture

AI Intrusion Detection is intended to be used with existing NVRs or IP cameras. AI Intrusion Detection can also be deployed as a stand-alone unit. AI Intrusion Detection also has standard management features for easy video viewing.

AI Intrusion Detection can perform AI-based object detection and recognition directly from IP camera RTSP streams in real time. AI Intrusion Detection can also process standard RTSP H.264 video stream files from any source. The extracted image metadata are stored in AI Intrusion Detection for fast retrieval and viewing.