AI Fire & Smoke Detection

Save Time:
Connect alert trigger actions to authorities to minimize travel and response delay

Work with many video management platform and all IP cameras

Real-time alert:
Detect smoke before a fire or the fire itself and send notification in real time

Early detection and alert system can help prevent or limit the spread of fire

IronYun’s Smoke and Fire Detection accurately identifies smoke and fire in real time with high accuracy in indoor or outdoor environments. When a flame is detected or smoke exceeds a threshold, send real time alerts and trigger follow-up actions to wipe out fires. Early detection of the smallest flames and smoke prevents fire from spreading or growing and causing more damage or possible loss of life.

Example Use Cases

  • Wildfire detection unaffected by environmental factors such as wind that would affect traditional fire detection systems based on smell
  • Kitchen monitoring of cooking accidents or negligence
  • Automatic triggering of fire alarm and or sprinklers for schools, offices, and other buildings after alert
  • Send image of fire location and other information to firefighters or other authorities