Security is a part of every aspect of the retail banking environment including safes, retail transaction counters, ATMs, night deposit boxes and electronic and logical security. Robberies, burglaries, bank card fraud at ATMs or vandalism require swift reactions; very often, video recordings are the best method to identify suspects and assist with incidents investigations.

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  • Prevent robberies: Banks continue to be high-stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. The proper bank video surveillance setup can help to deter robberies, or, in a worst case scenario, provide important images and evidence to law enforcement.
  • Crime investigation: In instances of robbery and fraud, recorded bank security camera images can be used to identify and track down suspects.
  • Prevent check fraud: IP video surveillance systems with advanced video analytics such as facial recognition are helping to fight the problem of check fraud at banks by recording transaction data and capturing images of offenders. This information can be used to identify criminals and help protecting customer accounts.
  • Combat “phantom ATM withdrawals”: It is not uncommon for bank customers to report suspicious ATM withdrawals, where money has been taken from their accounts without their knowledge. Bank security cameras, which record every ATM transaction, can provide answers.
  • Coordinate info from multiple locations: Modern bank video surveillance systems enable footage from multiple branches to be transmitted to a central monitoring room, or viewed over the Internet.
  • Integration with alarm systems: With modern private-cloud-based surveillance systems, bank security cameras and alarm systems can be integrated into a single network.
  • Intelligent functionality: Intelligent security cameras with video analytics such as motion sensing, facial recognition, and behavioral recognition can be used effectively to identify suspicious or abnormal activity in and around the bank.
  • Digital storage: With digital technology, the storage and management of surveillance footage is more efficient, convenient, and accessible, allowing for advanced search techniques that help in pin-pointing specific incidents and identifying suspects with ease and speed.
  • Continuous surveillance: Bank security cameras allow for continuous surveillance of banking facilities, providing protection outside of typical workday hours. This is especially helpful for ATMs, which are accessed by customers 24 hours a day.
  • Data recognition: Video surveillance systems that use digital technology can search video footage for specific bank transactions and images of particular individuals.
  • Remote access : Private-cloud-based IP surveillance enables secured remote monitoring of live and archived video footage from any computer with an Internet connection and network access.

Benefits of Using IronYun AI Solutions

  • Easy to use, Simple to configure and Setup. AI Solutions are ready to use from day 1 without calibration. Hours to deploy an on-premise, private cloud, and big data video solution.
  • Support all ONVIF IP-based camera and DVR/NVR infrastructure. No need for costly cameras with built-in analytics
  • On-premise and Private-Cloud-based architecture are secure.
  • All-in-One solution with several analytics functions, including Video Search (Object Search & Detection), Face Search & Recognition, and Perimeter Protection and Alert.
  • Monitor or check the status of your security from the web, your laptop, desktop computer, Smartphone, or tablet.
  • Flexible, private-cloud-based system allows you to future-proof your video surveillance network. IronYun seamlessly grows with your infrastructure and business needs. Clients can start with 50 cameras or less and add more cameras as needed to grow your security network.