In learning institutions, the safety and security of students, faculty, guests, and administrators is of utmost importance. Video surveillance systems add a layer of protection to campuses to avert violence, and other threats such as unauthorized visitors, inappropriate behavior, and crime perpetrated on school grounds.

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Industry Concerns

  • Require a fast security response time on campus in case of an emergency, threat, or security breach within their grounds or associated buildings including gymnasiums, dormitories, stadiums, and theaters.
  • Monitor common indoor areas, such as hallways, for suspicious activities.
  • Monitor outdoor areas parking lots, sidewalks, and other parts of the campus grounds using.
  • Keep students, faculty, guests, and administrators safe at all times.

Meeting the Challenges of School Security

  • Detecting potential threats and prevent trespassers from entering school property.
  • Prevent criminal activity of all kinds through proactive monitoring.
  • Remote access enables key security staff or administrators to view security footage ‘live time’ using their Internet-connected tablet or Smartphone.
  • Ensure the highest level of safety for students, faculty, administrators, and guests at all times.
  • Campus access control systems integrate fire alarm systems, emergency report systems, emergency intercom systems and other safety protection systems for maximum coverage.

Advantages of Video Surveillance in Educational Environments

  • Security video surveillance systems help protect students, faculty and administrators  against theft and other crimes by recording events and on-site activity. Suspicious activity is flagged for security teams to investigate.
  • Prevent theft by keeping unauthorized personnel out of areas like labs and offices  where theft is common. A surveillance camera in your storeroom and other maintenance areas can help detect potential employee theft.
  • Remote monitoring. The addition of a cloud-enabled video management system  to your security camera system offers security administrators the ability to access their surveillance system remotely from anywhere using any device with an Internet connection.

Benefits of IronYun AI Solutions

  • Easy to use, Simple to configure and Setup. AI Solutions are ready to use from day 1 without calibration. Hours to deploy an on-premise, private cloud, and big data video solution.
  • Support all ONVIF IP-based camera and DVR/NVR infrastructure. No need for costly cameras with built-in analytics
  • On-premise and Private-Cloud-based architecture are secure.
  • All-in-One solution with several analytics functions, including Video Search (Object Search & Detection), Face Search & Recognition, and Perimeter Protection and Alert.
  • Monitor or check the status of your security from the web, your laptop, desktop computer, Smartphone, or tablet.
  • Flexible, private-cloud-based system allows you to future-proof your video surveillance network. IronYun seamlessly grows with your infrastructure and business needs. Clients can start with 50 cameras or less and add more cameras as needed to grow your security network.