In manufacturing, every dollar saved makes a difference in profit margins. Video surveillance helps managers keep a virtual eye on all aspects of the assembly plant at a low cost and consistent performance. Cameras and effective video analytics can help deter and detect workplace thefts, inappropriate employee conduct, and false injury claims.

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Access Control


The factory area is very serious and should be restricted to unrelated people.

AI NVR Solutions

Face Recognition: Open doors only for employees as their face matches the pre-registered list of personnel. A person not on the list will trigger a real-time notification to the security staff and can receive instruction to go to the visitor center.

License Plate Recognition: Only vehicles with the registered license plates can pass through the gate of the facility, whereas unrecognized ones are redirected to the visitor center.

Safety Protocol Management: Construction Hat and Safety Vest Detection


Factories and construction sites have safety protocols including the wear of construction hats, safety vest, or some form of uniform. Different areas in the same factory may also require different color-coded uniforms, and only personnel with the correct one depending on their field should have access to such areas. However, manual check and monitoring of such activities require a lot of time and effort.

AI NVR Solutions

Video Search and Intrusion Detection:  Real-time alerts can be set for any dress code violation, including not wearing the helmet/hard hat/safety vest or not wearing the right colors.

Abnormal-Event Detection


If employees claim that they were injured while on the job, manual review of video footage, if existing, in order to confirm or refute their claim would take a long time, incur high cost, and delay the process.

AI NVR Solutions

Fall Detection: AI NVR offers employers the opportunity to detect falling accidents in real-time and quickly review events as they happen. This can help in two ways:
(1) Protect employees by alerting security staff to get the employee medical assistance in time.
(2) Help the company to confirm/refute the claim instantly, saving companies a significant amount of money on falsely claimed worker’s compensation and other benefits.

Theft Prevention: Combinations of Video Search, Intrusion Detection, Face Recognition and Loitering Detection can help detect and pinpoint theft activities in assembly lines, restricted-access areas, unattended areas during off-hours, etc.