Retail video analytics use CCTVs to capture live images of all activities in the stores. These videos can contain important business intelligence that can improve the store profitability, operation efficiencies and shrinkage reduction. AI NVR can help extract all of this information to transform customer shopping experiences at the store.

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Retail Management


Knowing the peak hours and high-interest areas of customer flow to allocate staff to proper service is really important.

AI NVR Solutions

People Counting: By applying AI NVR People Counting at the entrance, different aisles, and check-out line of a retail store, store managers can view the statistics of customer flows, peak hours and occupancy rates with high accuracy to determine the number of staff that should be employed at different time periods.

Heap Map: Provide statistics of high-concentration areas for restaurants and shops to adjust merchandise display and maximize profitability.

Short Respond Time in Case of Accidents


Children may run in the store, or customers may accidentally slip and fall in fitting rooms and other less visible areas. When an accident occurs, immediate attention is necessary, and it is difficult to determine whether the store is liable and manual reviewing of the camera footage takes a long time.

AI NVR Solutions

Abnormal Behaviors: Send real-time alerts to the staff when a person falls down or crouches on the floor so that the staff can provide appropriate assistance to the customer and confirm/refute any claim against the liability of the business. The staff can receive notifications and perform searches on the phone using AI NVR App without having to monitor events in a control room.

Suspect/Criminal Detection


Retail stores are often targets of theft and robbery because of the large quantities of products and limited number of security staff. However, legacy systems trigger too many false alarms and require too much manual effort to review the footage.

AI NVR Solutions

Face Recognition: Suspects and reported criminals can be saved in a face database. As soon as they appear in front of the camera in or around the store, AI NVR automatically sends the alert to the security staff and local police departments to issue the appropriate actions.

License Plate Recognition: When a vehicle on a watch list (e.g., stolen car, wanted car) appears near the store, AI NVR will send real-time alerts to the security staff.

Loitering and Intrusion Detection: Protect the store during off-hours with high accuracy (no false alarms), and simple setup and installation. Once set, alarms will only be triggered when there are actual suspicious activities at the store, e.g., attempts to break in, loitering, and graffiti painting. AI NVR can be connected to third-party systems such as a loud speaker or high-intensity light to deter troublemakers.