Retail video analytics use CCTVs to capture live images of all activities in the stores. These videos can contain important business intelligence that can improve the store profitability, operation efficiencies and shrinkage reduction. All of this information is to ultimately transform your customer shopping experiences at the store.

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Features of Retail Video Analytics

  • Customer counting: Track the customer traffic flow through gates, doors, or waiting in line at POS terminals.
  • Loitering time statistics: Detect and alert when people loitering in areas of concern, either for security or for customer assistance in store direction.
  • Heat map: Visual display of traffic flow in the store by hours, day, week and month.
  • Customer demographics: Customer statistics on gender, age, and time stayed at the store.
  • Queue management: Alert store management to increase POS terminals when the customer queue length is too long.
  • Smoke and fire detection: Detection and alert via video image when smoke or fire events occur.
  • Intrusion detection: Detect person entering inventory, backstore or employee-only restricted areas to prevent theft and shrinkage.
  • Camera tampering and health management: Detection of camera tampering, loss of signal, out-of-focus, position change. Log reports of daily, weekly monthly status for forensics.

Benefits of IronYun Smart Retail Solutions

  • Easy-to-use, Simple to configure and setup. Hours to deploy an on-premise, private cloud, and big data video solution.
  • Support all ONVIF IP-based camera and DVR/NVR infrastructure. No need for costly cameras with built-in analytics
  • All-in-One solution with several analytics functions, including Video Search (Object Search & Detection), Face Search & Recognition, and Perimeter Protection and Alert.
  • Flexible, private cloud-based system allows you to future-proof your video surveillance network. IronYun seamlessly grows with your infrastructure and business needs. Clients can start with 50 cameras or less and add more cameras as needed to grow your security network.
  • Monitor or check the status of your security from the web, your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • On-premise and private-cloud-based architecture is secure.