Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Intrusion Detection Dynamics In The Security Industry

With the ever-growing availability of video data, thanks to the low cost of high-resolution video cameras and storage, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning analytics now have become a necessity for the physical security industry, including access control and intrusion detection. Minimizing human error and false positives are the key motivations for applying AI technologies in the security industry.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to learn from experience using a multi-layer neural network, which mimics the human brain, in order to recognize items and patterns and make decisions without human interference.

The human brain is estimated to have 86 billion neurons; in comparison, the newest Nvidia GPU Volta has 21 billion transistors (the equivalence of a neuron), which offers the performance of hundreds of CPUs for deep learning.AI can learn continuously 24 hours per day every day, constantly acquiring, retaining and improving its knowledge

In addition, unlike humans, AI can learn continuously 24 hours per day every day, constantly acquiring, retaining and improving its knowledge. With such enormous processing power, machines using Nvidia GPU and similar chips can now distinguish faces, animals, vehicles, languages, parts of speech, etc.

Depending on the required complexity, level of details, acceptable error margin, and learning data quality, AI can learn new objects within as fast as a few seconds using Spiking Neural Network (SNN) to a few weeks using Convolution Neural Network (CNN). While both SNN and CNN offer advantages and drawbacks, they outperform tradition security systems without AI in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

According to the research reports of MarketsandMarkets, the market size of perimeter intrusion detection systems is projected to increase from 4.12 billion USD in 2016 to 5.82 billion USD in 2021 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.1%.

Meanwhile, the predicted market of AI in security (both cybersecurity and physical security) will grow from 3.92 billion USD in 2017 to 34.81 billion USD by 2025, i.e., with an impressive CAGR of 31.38%.

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Gigabyte-SVOA Grand Opening Server & Solution at Bangkok

IronYun will participate in the seminar held by Gigabyte and SVOA at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok from 8:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. From 11:20-11:40 a.m. Daniel Luo of IronYun will give a presentation with the topic: AI NVR using Gigabyte Embedded Product. Come to see how AI NVR is compatible with Gigabyte’s hardware product and the high-performance it can provide.

IPVM Made a List of Deep Learning Video Surveillance Providers

IPVM is the world’s leading resource on security and video surveillance which has recently issued a list of security companies that are using deep learning. For the development of Video Search solution, IronYun is honored to be recognized and included in the list!

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IronYun Introduces Next-Generation AI Search Solution for Video Surveillance Industry

IronYun, a next-generation cloud computing and big data video search software company, today announced the CAC-AI network video recorder (NVR) product line powered by NVIDIA GPUs, bringing artificial intelligence and deep learning to the video surveillance market.

A key advantage of using deep learning-based algorithms over legacy computer vision algorithms is that these systems can be continuously trained and improved with better and larger datasets. Real-world deep learning applications include handwriting and face recognition, language translation, object classification, medical imaging analysis, self-driving cars, and more.

Leveraging AI and the Cloud to Create a Plug-and-Play Surveillance Solution
IronYun’s new NVR product line is a breakthrough solution for the video surveillance market and uses a deep learning-based search engine. Instead of spending hours sifting through terabytes of video, now users can quickly identify objects such as cars, buses, luggage and pets, along with categorizing people by gender, age, attire, and more.

The CAC-AI video search application leverages the capabilities of IronYun’s CityEyes Cloud and virtualization platform, which plug-and-plays with many of the industry’s leading NVR systems, ensuring quick and easy deployment. To significantly accelerate the application’s rich deep learning capabilities, this new AI-enabled NVR is powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

“IronYun is pleased to partner with the leading GPU provider NVIDIA on bringing AI based video surveillance solutions to our customers.”says Paul Sun, President and CEO of IronYun. “The AI NVR appliance provides enterprise customers with unprecedented speed and performance in video search.”

“AI and GPUs will transform the video surveillance industry,” said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business unit. “Companies such as IronYun are able to process and intelligently analyze massive amounts of data through deep learning on NVIDIA GPUs.”


SECURITY SHOW is Japan’s largest comprehensive exhibition of security and safety industry. It showcases a wide spectrum of products, technology, systems and services to protect offices, store, public facilities and homes from crimes, information leakage and other hazardous conditions. Its exhibits include video surveillance systems, access control systems, information security systems and many security related products.


With the recent developments across the world on the economic, social, environmental and pretty much every other front that humanity has its hands upon, it could be argued that our world is slowly morphing into something eerily similar to what was described in Aldous Huxley’sdystopian ‘A Brave New World’. While all these concerns may point to the very distant future, the immediate and tangible present is not such a safe haven either with threats looming at every nook and corner of the world. All one has to do is step out of the door and the abnormality of our surroundings presents itself to which we are mostly oblivious. As most of this can be attributed to the proliferation of technology and the ever increasing number of users across the world, the answer can quite simple be found in technology itself. It would be safe to say that on an enterprise level the world today is broadly dividedinto three types of people- the ones that are trying to conduct business to make a living, the ones that are trying to infiltrate the systems which power businesses and finally the ones that are trying to defend the planet against such threats. Fighting on the side of this third group of people is the company IronYun.


THE LEADING TRADE FAIR FOR SAFETY and SECURITY 22-24 Jan 2017,Dubai Booths: SA-C26 and 2-F35

At Intersec, you’ll find all the industry’s latest trends, cutting-edge innovations and new products. With the globally unrivalled range of products, from major brand manufacturers, international newcomers and many others, Intersec is the most important business platform worldwide and the no. 1 in the MENA region.
The 2016 edition of Intersec featured 1,289 exhibitors and welcomed more than 31,261 visitors from 128 countries which made it the largest and most international edition of all times.

IronYun Names Jenne, Inc. as its Exclusive U.S. Distribution Partner

“We are pleased to partner with IronYun, an industry leading company known for their next generation cloud computing and big data video search software,” said Bill Brennan, vice president of security sales, Jenne, Inc. “IronYun offers Jenne’s security resellers and integrators an End-to-End private cloud computing solution. These solutions, which are used in numerous vertical markets in which our partners do business, including banking, education and schools, hotels and hospitality, international airports and more, are a great choice for IT security teams who are searching for the necessary software video analytics tools that can effectively process and generate business intelligence. Our new relationship with IronYun is a win-win all around.”

Commenting for IronYun, Executive Chairman of the Board Tom Ma, said: “Jenne is an ideal partner for IronYun and we look forward to working with them to mutually grow our businesses. Jenne’s growing reputation in the security marketplace and their partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers will help IronYun to grow in this area as we continuously strive to build software products that help our customers work more efficiently and with unprecedented increases in productivity.”

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16-17 NOV:美東國際安防展(ISC East)舉行於Javits,歡迎您與我們共襄盛舉…

ISC East 為美東最大的實體安全防護貿易展。在這裡您將有機會與安防產業中超過225個領導品牌的技術代表會面,並了解最新的產品,讓自己立足於該產業潮流尖端。展出項目涵蓋各個領域從視訊監控、存取控管至智慧居家科技等。相信您能夠在此找到適合的產品與服務,將有利於您的公司運作與客戶關係。

28 OCT:鐵雲榮登Banking CIO Outlook並被評為十大安全解決方案…

「在安全意識特別強烈的銀行金融場所,裝上閉路電視(CCTV)與網路監控攝影機是再必要不過的了。」鐵雲科技總經理孫先生以此起頭。監控攝影機網路在運作的同時會產生極龐大的影像資料,因此研究小組正竭力尋求一種軟體影像分析工具能有效地處理這些信息數據並實現商業智能的價值。在這樣的背景下,奠基於加州聖荷西的鐵雲科技猶如銀色子彈般蓄勢待發,鎖定影像資料的搜尋及探勘,以原生雲(cloud native)架構之解決方案,成功緩和了影像儲存資料日益增長的危機。「我們結合了大數據的本領與機器學習的技術,提供更強大的功能,並透過最先進的解決方案幫助使用者更容易聚焦並取得所需資訊。」孫先生如此說道。

「透過視訊監控分析解決方案 – CityEyes,我們統一網路、儲存空間、與分析系統,因此使用者得以達到全面性監控能力。」孫先生表示。「同時我們的PaaS解決方案整合了30件以上影像分析引擎,前所未有地便於使用,並適用於中央視訊管理系統。」做為一個私有雲平台,CityEyes囊括影像分析引擎如人臉辨識、ATM非法讀卡裝置(skimmer)識別、入侵行為偵測、 與物件偵測等。鐵雲科技讓其使用者得以認識結合機器學習與人工智慧的極大優勢。

除此之外,鐵雲致力於確保使用者得以充分應用達到分析目的,並幫助其處理資訊儲存上的常見問題,以最經濟實惠的方式 – CityEyes。「CityEyes的儲存系統包含第一線儲存用的HDD儲存系統。倘若使用者希望儲存30天以上的錄像檔案,我們的磁帶儲存伺服器也能滿足其需求。」孫先生說道。