Gigabyte Grand Opening in Indonesia

IronYun is invited to participate in the big event held by Gigabyte at Hotel Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin, from 09:00 AM – 14:00 PM, 18 Jan. We will introduce our advanced solution and its cutting-edge function combined with AI technology. Come to see how our product AI NVR can solve customers’ pain points and offer satisfactory performance.


SECURITY SHOW is Japan’s largest comprehensive exhibition of security and safety industry. It showcases a wide spectrum of products, technology, systems and services to protect offices, store, public facilities and homes from crimes, information leakage and other hazardous conditions. Its exhibits include video surveillance systems, access control systems, information security systems and many security related products.


With the recent developments across the world on the economic, social, environmental and pretty much every other front that humanity has its hands upon, it could be argued that our world is slowly morphing into something eerily similar to what was described in Aldous Huxley’sdystopian ‘A Brave New World’. While all these concerns may point to the very distant future, the immediate and tangible present is not such a safe haven either with threats looming at every nook and corner of the world. All one has to do is step out of the door and the abnormality of our surroundings presents itself to which we are mostly oblivious. As most of this can be attributed to the proliferation of technology and the ever increasing number of users across the world, the answer can quite simple be found in technology itself. It would be safe to say that on an enterprise level the world today is broadly dividedinto three types of people- the ones that are trying to conduct business to make a living, the ones that are trying to infiltrate the systems which power businesses and finally the ones that are trying to defend the planet against such threats. Fighting on the side of this third group of people is the company IronYun.


THE LEADING TRADE FAIR FOR SAFETY and SECURITY 22-24 Jan 2017,Dubai Booths: SA-C26 and 2-F35

At Intersec, you’ll find all the industry’s latest trends, cutting-edge innovations and new products. With the globally unrivalled range of products, from major brand manufacturers, international newcomers and many others, Intersec is the most important business platform worldwide and the no. 1 in the MENA region.
The 2016 edition of Intersec featured 1,289 exhibitors and welcomed more than 31,261 visitors from 128 countries which made it the largest and most international edition of all times.

IronYun Names Jenne, Inc. as its Exclusive U.S. Distribution Partner

“We are pleased to partner with IronYun, an industry leading company known for their next generation cloud computing and big data video search software,” said Bill Brennan, vice president of security sales, Jenne, Inc. “IronYun offers Jenne’s security resellers and integrators an End-to-End private cloud computing solution. These solutions, which are used in numerous vertical markets in which our partners do business, including banking, education and schools, hotels and hospitality, international airports and more, are a great choice for IT security teams who are searching for the necessary software video analytics tools that can effectively process and generate business intelligence. Our new relationship with IronYun is a win-win all around.”

Commenting for IronYun, Executive Chairman of the Board Tom Ma, said: “Jenne is an ideal partner for IronYun and we look forward to working with them to mutually grow our businesses. Jenne’s growing reputation in the security marketplace and their partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers will help IronYun to grow in this area as we continuously strive to build software products that help our customers work more efficiently and with unprecedented increases in productivity.”

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Come visit us at ISC East, November 16-17 at Javits Center North, NYC

ISC East is the Northeast’s largest physical security trade show. At ISC East you will have the chance to meet with technical reps from over 225 leading brands in the security industry, allowing you to find out about new products and stay ahead of the competition. Encompassing everything from Video Surveillance and Access Control to Smart Home Technologies, you’re sure to find products and services that will benefit your company and clients.

IronYun Featured In Banking CIO Outlook: Top 10 Security Solution Providers 2016

“Deploying CCTV and IP Cameras is a crucial activity in the security-conscious banking arena,” begins Paul Sun, CEO of IronYun. The network of cameras for surveillance has led to the drastic explosion of video data and as a result, security teams are struggling to find the necessary software video analytics tools that can effectively process and generate business intelligence. In such scenario, San Jose, CA based IronYun emerges as a silver bullet and alleviates the problem of handling massive increase in the volume of video data through its cloud native solution for video search and mining. “We amalgamate the power of Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to empower our clients and through our cutting-edge solution to simplify the process of zeroing in on required information,” states Sun.

“Through our video surveillance analytics solution— CityEyes, we unify network, storage, and analytics to capacitate our clients with comprehensive surveillance abilities,” states Sun. “And our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution integrates 30 plus video analytics engines for unprecedented ease-of-use and setup for central video management system.” The Private Cloud based platform, CityEyes includes video analytics engines such as face recognition, ATM machine skimming device identification, intrusion detection, and object detection. IronYun also introduces its clients to integrated power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, IronYun works to ensure that its clients are given analytical capabilities and aids them to tackle conventional problem of information storage in economical way through CityEyes. “Storage system of CityEyes consists of HDD based storage system for first tier storage. If clients want to store video files for duration of more than 30 days, our tape based storage server facility caters to their need,” says Sun.

“We continuously strive to build software products that help our customers work more efficiently and with unprecedented increase in productivity”

“The tape backup is an economical way to preserve video data and prune expenditure by 40 to 60 percent.”

Furthermore, in its pursuit to build cutting-edge solution, IronYun’s efforts for Research and Development (R&D) efforts are at the foundation of CityEyes. “We are R&D driven firm and the years of the R&D support for our cutting edge solution that is catered by not only internal human capital but also through external contribution,” states Sun. “Our collaboration with leading Asia-based R&D Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute has been helpful in gaining in-depth knowledge of technological frameworks,” says Sun.

The video analytics solution company not only leverages powers of existing technologies but also devotes significant efforts to innovate new methodologies in the supporting technologies. “We are intellectual property (IP)-rich enterprise and our portfolio is full of 30 U.S. and international patents that are granted, in pending stage, and soon to be acquired,” states Sun. The company has filed and won patents in numerous verticals such as Cloud Computing, computer vision, Big Data analytics, and Machine Learning. “We also have built team of professionals, with laudable experience and expertise in developing Deep Learning intelligent video search products,” states Sun. IronYun’s team of professionals strive to develop and enhance product line human intelligence increase the performance of video surveillance applications while lowering customers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

“We continuously strive to build software products that help our customers work more efficiently and with unprecedented increase in productivity.” IronYun aims to lead the video surveillance industry in upcoming years by providing the most advanced cloud, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence software. “At the end of the day, we want to create win-win situation for our clients and employees,” concludes Sun.

IronYun wins 2016 ICT Month Innovative Elite Golden Award

IronYun is excited to announce that we are the winner of 2016 ICT Month Innovative Elite Golden Award. With next generation video search solution, IronYun CityEyes, a cloud based big data video solution, grabbed the attention of the jury and have been evaluated by jury to win the top 20 innovations of 100 award products from all summited products in 10 categories.

IronYun CityEyes Appliance is the industry’s first cloud based enterprise video surveillance software based appliance that is optimized for cloud computing and big data video surveillance applications. It redefines availability and simplifies the CCTV infrastructure. The simple-to-configure, simple-to-deploy All-in-One cloud based software and hardware architecture is the ideal platform for future proofing your video surveillance infrastructure.

Data Centre World 2016

For the forth year running, the award-winning data center world singapore  will provide the  definitive  platform for the key industry buyers to meet, learn from and do buisness with the most innovative and exciting data center solution providers on the planet.

Combined with cloud Expo Asia,  Data Center World Singapore brought a record breaking 11,225 senior IT professionals together with the biggest and best names in the data center marketplace, for two days of unrivalled engagement – meeting, learning from, and doing buisness with over 200 leading industry players.


2016 GTC Taiwan to expand the two-day event was organized, exciting agenda contains artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications in life, as well as Taiwan’s industrial production line closest to the wisdom of the 4.0 embedded visual computing, the latest technology to provide academic production sharing and in-depth dialogue platform to enhance the power of the new record in Taiwan. In addition, this year will open for the first time add “depth learning implement camp” , NVIDIA will be the most advanced artificial intelligence application technology for the development of local industries in Taiwan features combined with application-specific surface held training courses for Taiwanese developers can also depth experience effectiveness and learning GPU accelerated computing brought surprises.