AI NVR Video Search

AI Video Search

AI NVR New User Interface

AI Fire Detection

AI Gun Detection

Gun and military vehicle detection

Bicycle & Motorbike Detection

Cell Phone & Laptop Detection

AI NVR Face Recognition & Face Search

AI Face Recognition & Search

AI Face Search

FR Door Access Control

AI NVR Intrusion Detection

AI Intrusion Detection - No False Alarms

AI Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Protection

Integrate AI NVR to Existing Perimeter Protection Systems

Intrusion Detection - no false alarm!!

AI NVR License Plate Recognition

AI License Plate Recognition

LPR at Nighttime from Moving Car

AI NVR People & Vehicle Counting

AI People & Vehicle Counting

AI Counting Use Cases

AI Counting Subfunctions- Abnormal Behaviors

Other Features and Applications

AI Privacy Protection - GDPR-friendly video redaction

AI NVR Live View as Video Wall

Video Wall Function

Map View & Tracking

AI Night-time/Infrared/Thermal Detection

AI NVR + Amazon Echo (Alexa) Integration

Use Cases

Security Enhancement- Sports Field

AI NVR for School Security

AI NVR for Smart City

AI NVR Business Intelligence Solution

AI NVR Traffic Management 4.0.0- Quick Demo

VMS Integration

IronYun AI NVR on Nx VMS

AI NVR Alert on Genetec