IPVM Online VSaaS Show!

IPVM, the industry’s premier source of news and objective analysis, will showcase VSaaS providers on June 23 to 25. IronYun’s President and CEO Paul Sun will introduce our latest AI analytics solutions, including high accuracy search across 35 objects with multiple attributes, the ability to detect 200 vehicle makes and 2,000 vehicle models, construction safety vest and hardhat detection, and a new suite of Social Health Analytics that includes facemask, distancing, occupancy and temperature detection. As always, IronYun can apply multiple analytics to a single camera and can federate search across multiple different analytics. The IronYun Platform supports the industry’s broadest array of AI-enabled video analytics, and with the introduction of Social Health Analytics, it becomes an ideal solution for office, retail, banking, hospital, theater, grocery, restaurant and indeed just about any social environment in our new reality.

To learn more, register now for the show – we look forward to seeing you there!

IronYun Presentation Time: 2PM EDT, June 24

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