How AI NVR Can Help Create a Smart City

IronYun’s pre-trained and multimodal AI NVR is the security industry’s first all-in-one deep-learning-based video search Network Video Recorder (NVR). All AI NVR appliances have built-in artificial intelligence (AI) software and hardware with video search capability for fast, efficient search of video objects from video inputs including live streaming and video files stored in NVR/DVR devices. These cost-effective and high-performance appliances support all ONVIF IP-based cameras, real-time notification/alerts, live streams and forensic analytics.

The many functions that make up this all-in-one solution include:

  • Face Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Intrusion Detection
  • People/Vehicle Counting
  • Abnormal-Activity Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Gun Detection

The grouping of these functions into one single appliance saves time, money, and provides perpetual convenience in building a unified Smart City.


The many functions of AI NVR can be used across several settings in a city. But, the first step most people consider when constructing a Smart City is protecting one’s schools. Our smart-security solution has been deployed in various school campuses across the US, including colleges and K-12 school districts.

Schools have globally been implementing our security platform to increase on-campus safety and comfort. Both Gun and Fire Detection are important features used in schools that prevent catastrophic events from transpiring. Additionally, Face Recognition is commonly being used in this setting to detect and notify campus security of watchlisted or unauthorized individuals. It has also been implemented in access control scenarios on campuses, effectively allowing certain people in particular areas, such as faculty only regions, by sending trigger actions to open doors and/or gates. The same can be said for License Plate Recognition in its use for high-quality access control. Similarly, Intrusion Detection has been utilized to alert authorities and campus security of instances of trespassing in specific custom regions of interest. Other features, which have shown great value in school safety, are falling, illegal parking, and loitering detection, all of which are provided in the Abnormal-Activity Detection function.

Healthcare Facilities:

Another setting, similar to that of schools in terms of being a top security priority, are health care facilities. Examples of places that may benefit from certain functions include but are not limited to: hospitals, urgent care facilities, nursing homes, and private practices. Many of these facilities can benefit from the many functions provided in AI NVR.

Particular functions that will assist management in healthcare facilities include:

  • Fire Detection: an utmost importance in healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals, to prevent damage by detecting smoke/fire in areas such as the generator room of a hospital.
  • Face Search: allows for authorized personnel to locate patients/elders who have wondered out of their rooms or away from designated area.
  • Face Recognition: used for access control, specifically allowing healthcare staff in certain regions within a facility.
  • AI Counting: detect patients falling down to give help in real-time as well as regulate the number of visitors in patient’s rooms.

These advanced functions help secure and maximize productivity within healthcare facilities to help prioritize patients’ needs.

Traffic Management: 

The next step in building a Smart City with AI NVR is using it to manage traffic. As of October of 2019, the world’s population is approaching 7.8 billion people, 55% of which are living in a city or urban region. By the year 2050, this number is expected to rise to a remarkable 68% (CNBC). Consequently, cities have and will become more congested than ever. Traffic is taking the largest hit from these highly dense areas, as there are simply too many cars and pedestrians to manage. AI NVR’s Vehicle Counting function determines the peak hours and analyzes traffic flow to implement smart traffic control. Furthermore, the self-learning system detects vehicles that move in the wrong direction as well as illegal parking scenarios through its AI Counting and Intrusion functions, undoubtedly decongesting city vehicle traffic due to accidents and/or vehicle-towing.



Forensic Investigation:

While improved traffic management will help alleviate traffic issues, the possibility of crimes will always be present, particularly in populated areas suchas a city. To assist the police officers in forensic investigation and overall city security monitoring, AI NVR can provide many useful tools.

  • Video Search: can help speed up the investigation process by allowing the police to search for any abnormal events (accidents), lost children, elders, or pets, as well as stolen or missing items in less than one second.
  • Face and License Plate Recognition: can detect the faces of suspects and criminals as well as locate suspicious vehicles respectively.

Through these functions, the police can also pinpoint where certain vehicles or persons are detected and track them across several cameras with a map view. In terms of preventative action, Intrusion Detection can help set virtual fences to protect any particular areas of interest. Evidently, the No. 1 goal of a Smart City powered by AI NVR is to assist the police in their effective protection of all cities.

Retail Stores:

To make the police’s job easier,  facilities like retail stores, for example, can implement the software to prevent crime. Aside from security, however, it can also be used to help make stores more efficient. For example, Face Recognition can help configure VIP customer’s product preference based on smart analysis. Additionally, AI Counting provides statistics of peak hours of service, customer flow at certain regions within the store, and keep track of occupancy as well as providing real-time alerts for person slip-and-fall accidents.






Check out the video below for a visual representation of how AI NVR can create a Smart City!!

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