How AI NVR Can Prevent Mass Shootings:

Tragedy struck West Texas early Sunday afternoon when a disturbed shooter left seven dead and 22 wounded after firing freely down several streets in Odessa (CNN). Regardless of one’s political views on gun possession in the U.S, all are in agreement that these mass shootings must come to an end. We, collectively as a population, have suffered enough from these dreadful acts of violence, as yet another town falls victim to catastrophe. Not only do the mass quantities of these shootings signify both gun violence and mental health problems, but they also show a larger problem at hand, which is the lack of gun detecting security systems in the United States of America. While gun violence may never fully cease to exist, there are ways to drastically reduce the damage of these devastating instances.

AI NVR’s Weapon Detection engine is the solution to this gun violence predicament that our country is currently facing. This model of the immensely accurate system can detect and alert authorities of any handguns and/or rifles in real-time for immediate action. By utilizing multiple cameras across several different locations, this model can efficiently track any weapons within the field of view, and tracking guns concurrently tracks the potential active shooters, which warns authorities prior to an eventual calamity.

Additionally, AI NVR’s Face Recognition can identify dangerous individuals with criminal background or in publicly available wanted lists. In any event similar to the one in question, this highly accurate face recognition software could have potentially helped, for the now deceased shooter had a criminal record. This function detects, matches the face to one previously uploaded into the database, and sends an alert in real time to the security authorities, all within 3 seconds. If the gunman moves across many locations, such as different school campuses or stores, the Map View and Face Recognition functions will allow one to track his movement across all cameras that spotted him and predict his next target location.

Gun violence is one of the most important issues in need of fixing in America today and for good reason. Artificial-Intelligence-powered security software with Deep Learning is beneficial for its highly accurate results and tremendously fast real-time alerts, unrivaled by manpowered or other comparatively primitive security systems. AI NVR is not only today’s answer to gun violence, but the future of gun security.