IronYun AI NVR Video Analytics is now available on NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC)

October 21, 2019 – IronYun is excited to officially launch our AI NVR Video Analytics container on Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC). The user can now install and start an AI NVR docker on a Kubernetes-ready machine (e.g., Google Cloud) with one command.

Image modified from original on Nvidia webpage.

By making AI NVR Video Analytics available on NGC, IronYun and NVIDIA deliver together an intelligent, real-time AI service to help keep business agile and improve the efficiency and safety of structures in smart cities. IronYun real-time, automated intelligence for schools, police departments, stores, hospitals, factory floors, even city streets. Then, NGC EGX, as a cloud-native, scalable, and accelerated platform, securely deploys and manages the AI workloads, wherever they’re needed, at the edge or in the data center. It is optimized to run container-based applications on the Kubernetes infrastructure with rapid installation via Helm charts. With NVIDIA NGC’s state-of-the-art Helm integration and NVIDIA’s new NGC-Ready for Edge server certification, EGX can accelerate even the most demanding AI workloads to the edge with ease.

Link to obtain IronYun AI NVR container from NGC (Free 30-day Trial):

For license and other information, please email us at sales@ironyun.com or contact your regional IronYun representative.