Management Team

The ironyun management team consists of seasoned experts in cloud computing and video surveillance with significant executive management experiences. The Management and Engineering teams have worked together at the Cloud Computing Center of ITRI (www.itri.org.tw) and other leading corporations for several years. The ITRI Cloud Computing Center was started in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2009 by a group of senior executives from the United States. Over four years, the team has developed industry-leading computing and big data SaaS and VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) products for the large and growing video surveillance market. 



President and CEO

Paul is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with multiple successes at VC-funded technology companies. Paul was the President/CEO of Avidia Systems, a thriving telecom and datacom system company that was acquired by PairGain Technologies in 1997. In 1998, Paul founded DSL.net (Nasdaq: DSLN) and served as its Chairman & CTO; he led the company from startup phase through a successful IPO. Paul was also the founder, president & CEO of Motia, Inc. Prior to founding IronYun Inc., Paul was the director of ITRI’s Cloud Computing Center, a leading Taiwan national research institute that focuses on cloud computing and big data technologies.

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Vice President of Engineering

Patrick has extensive experience managing enterprise software engineering projects and has a strong background in AI deep-learning systems, cloud-based enterprise systems, and intelligent video analytic systems. He leads the IronYun engineering, R&D, and professional services team. He is responsible for the company’s engineering product strategy, roadmap, release plans, development lifecycle, and delivery of Solutions/Services for all IronYun cloud, big data and AI deep learning products. He was a visiting scholar at Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from National Sun Yat-Sen University.

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Vice President of Software Architecture

David is an expert on cloud computing, software development, system integration, software framework, and network architecture. Prior to joining IronYun, David co-founded and managed several successful startups, including Visionary Systems Inc., Avidia, and DSL.net. He also managed the development of the Burroughs IRSL and EPL compilers for document processing systems at Unisys, as well as the system software on ITT CAP parallel processors at ITT Inc., formerly known as ITT Corporation. Most recently, David was a software consultant for various projects and mentored junior engineers in improving software quality.

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Vice President of Operations

Devin is a senior IT leader with over 20 years of experience in enterprise IT infrastructure planning and management. Prior to founding IronYun, Devin was the director of ITRI’s IT and data center operations team, serving over 8,000 employees. Devin’s team is responsible for the company’s service SLA, global  networking,  IT and data center infrastructure.

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Daniel Low


Vice President of SouthEast Asia Region

Daniel was the country general manager for MPX Technologies. Prior to MPX, he was the managing director for Inno Display Pte Ltd where he was responsible for new business strategies. Daniel was also the Vice President of Business Development for Jurong Technologies and Director of Business Development for Flairis Technology in Singapore.

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