Police Support Program

Standardized Hardware and Select AI Analytics Bundled for Police Departments

To help police departments during these challenging times, IronYun’s Police Support Bundle includes core software and select AI-enabled analytics available at roughly 60% savings vs. commercial list pricing.

The IronYun converged analytics platform can improve law enforcement’s capability to prevent and solve crime by increasing situational awareness and reducing forensic video search time from days to minutes. Automated person, object and behavior detection, accurate alerts, and AI-enhanced video search can increase departmental efficiency and contribute to improved public safety.

Police Support Bundle

The Police Support Bundle will be available at specialized pricing until May 1, 2021. The Police Support Bundle is available to collegiate, city, county and state police departments in the US, Canada and Mexico. The bundle includes standardized hardware appliances (configured by channel requirements) and includes the following AI-enabled video analytics:

–   Video Search: Real-time and forensic search by object type, color and quantity
–   Abnormal Event Detection: Loitering, parking, person and vehicle direction, U-turn
–   Face Detection: Face search (without database) and face recognition (list matching)
–  Intrusion Detection: Multiple ROIs, object types, and alert rules
People Counting
Vehicle Counting
–   Vehicle Search: Color, type, direction

Additional functionality such as LPR with Vehicle Make & Model Search, Smoke & Fire detection, Weapon Detection and more can be added a la carte at IronYun standard list prices.

Police Department Video Analytics Security Challenges

IronYun Solution

Traffic Management

IronYun analytics can alert and show images of traffic violations and road intrusions in real time, while generating data to help enhance traffic management and public security.

Police Investigation

IronYun analytics can enable investigators to quickly locate subjects in high-risk areas, track individuals on wanted lists, or identify areas of high activity.


    • Available to collegiate, city, county, and state police departments in the US, Canada, and Mexico
    • Special Bundle pricing ends May 1, 2021
    • Bundles include approved appliances with Nvidia GPUs available from IronYun and VELASEA, our OEM appliance partner
    • Bundled analytics include: Video Search (real-time and forensic),  Abnormal Event Detection, Face Search (face match and recognition), Intrusion Detection, and Generic Vehicle Search (color, type, direction)
    • Additional functionality such as Edge Analytics, LPR, Vehicle Make & Model Search, and Weapon Detection can be added at IronYun standard list prices
    • There is no limit on the number of channels supported under this program, except as determined by the physical limits of the hardware; multiple servers can be deployed
    • IronYun can provide customer support, software maintenance, and upgrades for the standard fee of 15% of MSRP hardware + software list price
    • Typical IronYun deployments require little or no contact with IronYun support, with most customers up and running within a matter of hours. The annual 15% maintenance, support, and upgrade fee is therefore optional. The 15% fee can be paid at any time if support becomes necessary.
    • IronYun can provide on-site training and on-site technical support for standard list prices plus travel and expenses
    • Standard terms and conditions apply

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